My Personal Health Journey

I was a sickly child, constantly at the Doctor with colds, sniffles and various infections. As I matured I came to understand how poor nutrition as a child had affected my overall health. I spent many hours researching how I could heal myself with better food choices and how I fueled my body. The more I studied on my own, the more I knew that there was more information I needed to understand my own health challenges and those of my family and friends.
As I studied, I found a role for myself in the field of Health and Wellness Coaching. I had already gone to Culinary School; that lead to incorporating meal prepping and label reading into the conversations. I was having with others. I decided to educate myself more formally, enrolling in the Sears Wellness Institute certifying in Health and Wellness Coaching in 2017.
Health and Wellness Coaching offers me several hats: part mentor, part cheerleader, advisor and guide. As your Accountability Coach, I help to negotiate the bewildering amount of information about fad diet, gut health, supplements, exercise, life stages and more. I help you move past the chatter to create a personalized plan that makes sense for you as an individual, not a cookie cutter plan for the masses. We work holistically with your personal lifestyle, exercise, attitude and mindset as well as nutrition. Breaking these down into bite size, attainable goals with action plans to move you forward, One Simple Change at a Time.
My consultations begin with a discovery conversation: an assessment of aspects of your life, your goals, what you have tried in the past and how successful those attempts were. We work one to one, in person, via phone or video chat based on your preferences. I can visit in your home if relevant, check out your kitchen and pantry to offer suggestions. We can even go shopping together if that might be helpful
Along the way, we will share some fun tips, and some laughs (remember: Laughter really is a best medicine!). Our common goals are Your Goals to get healthier: One Simple Change at a Time!
While I work with all ages groups, I have a special place for Prime Time Health, and will work with you to help your kiddos and aging parents in the mix. I understand the connections between the different age and stages and each groups unique needs.
Should Juice Plus+ be a part of your overall health plan, for even a first Simple Change toward reaching your goals, then we’ll chat about and implement that as well.
I am passionate about helping people navigate the dizzying options regarding diet, exercise and better nutritional choices. I come along side you and help you reach your personal goals.
We are all on our own Unique Health Journey with distinct Health and Wellness needs; Having me as your Health and Wellness coach can provide yo with valuable guidance and support in achieving your goals. The majority of chronic diseases can be prevented through simple lifestyle choices, by promoting sustainable habits like healthy eating and physical activity.
Why Come to ME?
• I work with people whose Doctors have advised them to make lifestyle changes
• I inspire and support all aspects of healthy living: lifestyle, exercise, better sleep and relaxation and less stress
• I use positive feedback to help clients push through obstacles and overcome challenges (as I have done myself.
• I have experience with dietary restrictions and food allergies
• I can help families with “picky eater” kids ~ wouldn’t it be great if they came to CRAVE fruits and Veggies?
What I can Do For You
• Educate on how we can heal from the inside out
• Educate on the Brain-Gut Connection
• Educate on the importance of Food choices to eliminate toxins
• Educate on the difference between Nutrition Labels and Supplement Labels
• Educate on the types of Protein Powders and provide healthy smoothie recipes
• Offer access to free Health Videos
• Offer free Health and Preventions lectures
• Educate on Aeroponic Gardening • Offer a 10 day Focused Lifestyle Jumpstart